Red Dead Mount Name Generator

red dead mount name generator

The time has come for your horse in Red Dead Redemption to have a name. The game does not explicitly give you a whole lot of room to play with but we all build an attachment to our horses in this game. This site will help you to create whimsical names or even better ones that are fitting for the four-legged wild west companion.

If you’re having a hard time coming up with ideas, this tool should help you find some inspiration! Give it a try and get creative! The tool below will allow you to switch between funny and regular horse name ideas depending on how serious you take your cowboyin’.

Feel free to give your thoughts and feedback in the comments below. Since the game doesn’t strictly tie you to a single horse or even care about names, you are under no obligation to keep whatever you get. If you already have a name for the horse and want to come up with something new, the tool below will help you achieve this.


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