PS5 Error Code CE-112988-9: This content can't be purchased


    Error Code CE-112988-9 is an issue that PlayStation 5 users may encounter when trying to purchase content from the PlayStation™ Store. This error indicates that the specific content cannot be purchased, which can be due to various reasons, such as content restrictions, regional limitations, or account-related issues.

    In this guide, we will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to troubleshoot and resolve this error, so you can enjoy the content you wish to purchase on your PS5.

    Step 1: Verify Content Availability

    Before attempting any troubleshooting steps, ensure that the content you’re trying to purchase is available for your PlayStation 5. Some content may be exclusive to specific platforms or regions, or it may have been removed from the PlayStation™ Store. You can check the content’s availability by:

    1. Visiting the PlayStation™ Store website and searching for the content.
    2. Checking the content’s description and details for any platform or regional restrictions.
    3. Maybe you already have this game. If this is bundle, special edition or some variation of a game that you already own, you may not be able to buy this. It is a common and highly frustrating issue when the special edition or bundle is heavily discounted.

    Step 2: Confirm Your Account’s Region

    Your PlayStation™ Network (PSN) account’s region must match the region of the content you’re trying to purchase. To verify your account’s region:

    1. Go to the PlayStation™ Account Management website and sign in with your PSN credentials.
    2. Check your account’s region in the Account Details section.

    If your account’s region does not match the content’s region, you may need to create a new PSN account with the correct region to purchase the content.

    Step 3: Check Age Restrictions

    Some content on the PlayStation™ Store may have age restrictions based on your account’s date of birth. To verify your age on your PSN account:

    1. Go to the PlayStation™ Account Management website and sign in with your PSN credentials.
    2. Check your date of birth in the Account Details section.

    If your account does not meet the age requirements for the content, you may need to use an account with the appropriate age or ask a family member or friend with an eligible account to purchase the content for you.

    Step 4: Verify Your Payment Information

    Ensure that your payment information is up-to-date and accurate. To check your payment information:

    1. Go to the PlayStation™ Account Management website and sign in with your PSN credentials.
    2. Go to the Wallet section and verify your payment methods.

    If your payment information is incorrect or expired, update it with the correct details to complete the purchase.

    Step 5: Contact PlayStation™ Support

    If the error persists after trying all the steps above, contact PlayStation™ Support for further assistance. They can help you identify the cause of the issue and provide guidance on how to resolve it.

    By following this guide, you should be able to resolve the PS5 Error Code CE-112988-9 and successfully purchase the content you desire on the PlayStation™ Store.

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