Zurpstone Side Quest Collection Guide

zurpstone collection guide

Help Trudi is an optional side quest that you will find on Sargasso after you have completed the events of the main story. If the quest is greyed out, you will have to progress further with the main quest before it becomes available.

Once you can access the quest, it will start with you being asked to locate some Zurpstones in order to feed Trudi. You will need to trade these Zurpstones with Mort for a reward. You will be asked to locate 15 at first. Once you do this, you will unlock the ability to fly Trudi around Sargasso.

Once you fly Trudi, you will now unlock the next phase of the quest where you must find more of the Zurpstones. After you collect 45, you will unlock the ability to shoot fire which will allow you to collect the Zurpstones that are out of reach.

How to Collect Zurpstones High Up?

You are searching around the map and can see the purple glow of a Zurpstone on top of a storage container that is too high for you to climb on top of. Once you collect 15 you can fly Trudi, but this still isn’t enough to collect those Zurpstones, what is the secret?

You will need to collect 45 Zurpstones and this will unlock the ability to breathe fire when flying Trudi. You can use this ability to go around and collect any outstanding Zurpstones that are in the hard to reach locations.

How to Get The Zurpstone by the Satellite Dish?

You have just started flying Trudi and have spotted a Zurpstone up on the mountain near the satellite dish. Despite crashing into it many times, there is no way to jump off and grab that Zurpstone.

zurpstone by dish
When you fly up to the dish array on the mountain, you will find there is a zurpstone up here but you are unable to collect it until you have collected enough of them lower down to give Trudi the ability to breathe fire

You will need to wait until you have collected 45 of the Zurpstones. This means you have to fly Trudi around the map to collect all of them you can by landing and running over to collect them manually. Once you have 45, Mort will call you to say that Trudi has regained enough strength to shoot fire. This will allow you to collect the final few that are in hard to reach locations such as this one which is up near the satellite dish.

Help Trudi Glitched On Challenge Mode

There is a glitch with the help Trudi side quest when you play on challenge mode if you have made some progress the first time around. The Zurpstones do not reset when you start challenge mode so when you return to Sargasso for the second run, any you collected will be gone.

When you accept the Help Trudi side quest, you will find that you have 60/15 Zurpstones collected if you completed the quest and there is no way to hand the quest back to Mort.

To get around this bug, you will need to leave the planet for a while. I went back to Zerkies to hang around. Mort will eventually give you a call to let you know you have enough Zurpstones and to return to him for your reward. This will allow you to progress to the second part of the quest. You will have to repeat the same steps again to get through the remainder of the quest and get back to wherever you were with the progress you had made the first time you visited Sargasso.

How Do You Dismount Trudi (The Bird Thing)?

When you mount the bird (Trudi) that you use to collect the Zurpstones that are much higher up, you will find that you can’t just jump off whenever you like, which you can do with the beetles.

trudi dismount locations
The map of sargasso above will show you all of the locations where you can dismount Trudi

In order to dismount Trudi, you must check the map and find one of her dismount locations. They are marked with a picture of her. Once you fly near one of these, you will see the bottom prompt appear on the screen that will allow you to dismount.

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