Find The Missing Chef Quest Glitched

find the missing chef

When on the mining planet Blizar Prime, you will come across a side quest where you must find the missing chef. She is not hard to find and once you do, she will not return until you help her find some inspiration to create some amazing new meals. This will trigger a mini-game where you must kill hordes of enemies that are out to destroy the VAC-U-SUK machine.

The quest is fairly easy but it also a little buggy. There is a good chance a glitch will occur where no more enemies will come toward the objective with Chef Tulio and you will not be able to progress with the quest. The objective can still be completed, you just need to know where to look to un-glitch things.

How To Fix The Quest When It Glitches

Defent VAC-U-SUK quest glitch
Head toward the lava and you will find lots of small creatures stuck in the lava. These are all blocking you from being able to progress. They are coming to damage the pump health but since they are stuck, they will never get to damage it and this is what sticks the quest.

You will need to make your way to the lava pits at the end of the area. The location where the enemies come from. Quite often, these guys will get stuck in the pits and are unable to get out. The wave will not be completed until all of these are dead and since they never come looking for you, you will have to go looking for them.

They are generally quite easy to locate. Using the arc weapon will help you find them as it will latch onto the enemies nearby, helping you find some that may have been blending into the environment too well. Once you have killed them all, the objective for the quest will become unstuck and you can continue on.

This quest comes with a few waves, so you will need to repeat this process a few times as more and more of the little lava monsters glitch out at the end of the area. The quest is never permanently broken so just keep an eye on the lava area for any last enemies that might be hard to see.

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