How To Raise The Stone Bridge In The Building Bridges Quest

How To Fix The Bridge

After finding the three shards and the main piece to upgrade the gauntlet’s raise ability, you will now be able to repair the damaged bridge in the main chasm that you were likely stuck trying to get through a while ago. This falls under the building bridges side quest.

What you need to do here is fairly clear but how to do it, is a little messy, like a lot of quests in this game.

How To Fix The Bridge

To fix the bridge, you will need to stand near the edge and look down to the area below. You will see an area that you can jump down to that has a wooden beam going out over the chasm. Walk out to the edge of this and look down. In the area below, you will see the remains of the broken bridge.

You will just need to use the raise ability here and it will lift up the broken bridge and repair it. The quest can now be completed when you return to the quest giver.


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