How to Level Up For Stronger Enemies

As you are exploring the sandy world of Atlas Fallen, you will begin to notice that enemies have level numbers next to them. If you explore further beyond the target area for certain quests, you may notice that enemies have a level that shows up in red. This means the enemy is a higher level than you and will be difficult to kill compared to an enemy the same level as you. The thing is that Atlas Fallen doesn’t have a level system or XP, so how do you level up or get stronger to take on these enemies?

This will become more clear as you progress in the game but your character level comes from the armor that you have equipped. Each set of armour that you get throughout the game has a base level. The first set might have a base level as 1 the second would be 2 and so on.

When you upgrade armour, you will increase its level by one, which gives you numerous stat increases and in turn, also increases your character level. This is why it is important to continue to equip and upgrade the latest armour that you find.

Generally, the highest level of the previous armor set is going to be much better than the lowest level of the next tier of armor but you need to consider that you will be upgrading this armor too and it has 2 upgrades that will make it stronger and also increase the max level that you can reach for fighting enemies in Atlas Fallen.

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