Reforging the Gauntlet - Where to Find Raise Piece

Upgrading The Gauntlets Raise Ability

As part of the reforging the gauntlet quest in Atlas Fallen, you will need to pick up three shards and the main raise piece to upgrade your gauntlet’s raise ability and lift the main gate in the nearby village. Finding the shards is relatively easy due to being able to see the beam of light high up into the air. The main raise piece on the other hand is a lot more difficult to find. Here is where to get it.

Upgrading The Gauntlets Raise Ability

The location is marked on the map but it is just a circle and does not show the depth of where you need to go. You will need to head down beneath the castle to the cellar area. There will be some people down here and some books and stuff.

You will find a section that has a gothic-style round window and a man near the entrance will tell you not to go down there. Ignore him and head down. This will bring you to the cathedral. You will see the gauntlets raise piece in here. Once you pick it up, it is going to trigger a fairly difficult boss battle so be prepared!

gauntlet raise piece

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