How to Get Across Cavern to Get Last Air Dash Shard

Third Dash Shard

As you are working toward obtaining the materials needed to upgrade your gauntlet with the first of the air dash upgrades, you will see that the final shart is across the large cavern and the bridges are broken.

If you attempt to jump across, you will fail and you may get a hint saying that it is not possible to cross this area at the moment. Here is how you get the last of the air dash shards.

How To Get To Third Dash Shard

The third dash shard is found in the desert area of the region. This across the bridges and chasm but weirdly, there is another way to get across. Feels kind of strange that the goal of getting the shards is so you can get across to the other side but theres a fairly easy way to actually get across to the other side.

The image below will show you where on the map to go to get across to the desert. Once you are across, you will be able to get that final shard and continue on with other side quests and tasks.

broken bridge to jump over

You should be able to make use of the double jump and dash to get across the wooden bridge here to get over to the desert where you can get the shard you need.

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