Using The Portable Oxygenator

Portable Oxygenator

The Portable Oxygenator is a high-tech device in Astroneer that serves a unique and essential function – unlimited oxygen generation. This compact tool fits a player’s backpack widget slot and operates independently of oxygen tethers, vehicles, or the player’s home base.

Crafted using rare and high-tier resources, the Portable Oxygenator represents a significant investment but pays off with increased freedom and convenience. It allows players to venture further into the planetary landscapes without constant worry about maintaining oxygen levels.

While using this device, players have the freedom to terraform landscapes, harvest resources, and explore distant areas without the limitation of an oxygen tether. It’s a significant step in promoting exploration and autonomy within Astroneer, but it also comes with its own set of considerations, such as power consumption. Nonetheless, its utility makes it a popular device among players invested in extended expeditions.

Is The Portable Oxygenator Worth It?

The Portable Oxygenator is a valuable piece of equipment in Astroneer, allowing players to generate oxygen independent of their base or rovers. Like any other tool, it has its own advantages and disadvantages. This guide will discuss the pros and cons of using the Portable Oxygenator in Astroneer.

Pros of the Portable Oxygenator

1. Unlimited Oxygen Supply

By using a Portable Oxygenator, players can generate an unlimited supply of oxygen, eliminating the need to tether themselves to their base or a vehicle. This independence grants players the freedom to explore and harvest resources without the fear of running out of oxygen.

2. Lower Maintenance

With tethers, players need to place and connect them, frequently extending the tether line. The Portable Oxygenator mitigates tether management altogether, allowing you to focus on exploration.

3. Convenience

The Portable Oxygenator fits in a backpack’s widget slot, making it easy to carry around. Its compact size does not hinder a player’s ability to transport other items and resources.

4. Compatibility with Other Equipment

The Portable Oxygenator can be used in conjunction with other equipment, such as jetpacks, without worrying about maintaining a tether line. This combination can be extremely beneficial for quick and efficient exploration of planets.

Cons of the Portable Oxygenator

1. High Power Consumption

The Portable Oxygenator consumes a considerable amount of power, requiring a robust power source, such as RTGs or batteries, to function continuously.

2. High Resource Cost

Crafting a Portable Oxygenator demands Nanocarbon Alloy and a unit of Power, which are rare and high-tier resources, making it an expensive piece of equipment.

The Portable Oxygenator has its advantages and disadvantages, and whether to use one depends on an individual’s preferred gameplay style and their progress in the game. Once you have determined its suitability, you can make an informed decision based on its pros and cons, and potentially transform your overall Astroneer experience.

Portable Oxygenator in Astroneer

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