What’s the best way to power your base?

I am constantly running out of power. I have found some batteries but when I come back from exploring I need to start up the furnace, research chambers and often need the printer. There is never enough power to do all of this at once. What is the best strategy you use for powering your base in this game?

Whats the best way to power your base ASTRONEER

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Dan Hastings

Powering your base is a bit tricky at the start of the game. Until you have access to lithium, you are stuck having to scavenge batteries from the wild. For the moment, the best way to go forward is to explore. Find wind turbines, solar panels and batteries. This will be enough do you for the early days.

Once you start exploring planets, you will find the resources to start constructing more advanced power generation structures. This guide will cover what you need to know about generating power for your base in Astroneer.


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