Easy Way To Earn Coins In Forager

coins in forager

Money makes the world go around, well it buys you land in this world. Land aint cheap either, so you are going to need very deep pockets if you want to be able to purchase all the land in this game. Let us not forget the markets too, sometimes they sell some really good stuff, if you have the money to pay of course.

This guide will help you increase the amount of money you have by showing you some super easy way to earn coins in Forager. You will need to progress a little bit into the game to be able to take full advantage of everything, but take it as you go. Early on in the game, land expansions are super cheap. You need lots of money when it comes to the land that is costing 30’000 coins to unlock.

Upgrade Your Wallet

Wallet upgrades can be crafted in the Forge. This game has no limit on how big your wallet can be. This wallet will actually increase the value of 1 coin. With each tier of the wallet, the value of a coin will multiply to the point where picking up a single coin is worth far more than 1 once it is in your wallet. If only there was a real wallet like this.

Build Banks

Banks literally make money for free. Unlike the real world, these banks share the money with you. Building a group of banks will give you an instant money farm. Head back ever 30 mins or so and a nice little nest egg of money will have built up for you to claim.

Banks Creating Coins
Banks Creating Coins

Sell Gems

This is something you will pick up yourself fairly early on in the game. Gems are useful for lots of things, selling is one of those things. I have already written a guide that shows an easy way to collect gems in Forager, so you should follow this if you want to make sure you are collecting lots of gems as easily as possible.

This is where you will get 90% of the coins and to be honest, is all you really need to do. Ill add some more stuff below to help if you are not far enough to unlock the rods yet, but this strategy is hands down the best way to get money in this game.

Unlock the Looting Skill And Kill Skeletons

Using the same strategy from the guide to earn easy XP you can also gain a nice amount of easy coins too. IF you have some good wallet upgrades you will also be able to gain a lot more from this. Use a mining rod or your weapon to destroy lots of gravestones and kill the skeletons that come up from them. If you have the looting skill, you will get some coins for every skeleton killed

Earn lots of XP killing skeletons
Earn lots of XP killing skeletons


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