Legend Lost Sector Farming Guide

legend lost sector

Legendary lost sectors are an essential game mode in Destiny 2 as they allow you a way to grind exotic gear that may otherwise be inaccessible to you. On top of giving you access to exotic gear that may be unavailable through any other source, it also works as a great way to grind some glimmer and test out some character builds that you might want to try out.

Every day, the location of the legendary lost sector will change and along with it, the type of exotic item that could drop upon completion. Keep in mind, it’s just a chance, not a guarantee. You will find yourself needing to farm the lost sectors. Here is everything you need to know about them.

How to Find a Legendary Lost Sector

The location of the legendary lost sector will change every day at the same time as the normal daily vendor refresh. The location is based on a schedule which you can find more about here. Once you know which lost sector is being upgraded to legendary, you just need to go there and start it, assuming you have completed the standard one already.

lost sector flag
Outside the main entrance to the lost sector, you will find a flag that will let you take part in the legend lost sector

The video guide below will better explain what you need to do to find legendary lost sectors on any of the planets in Destiny 2.

The Daily Legend Lost Sector Is Not Showing Up?

One of the requirements to be able to take part in a legendary lost sector in Destiny 2 is that you have already completed the standard lost sector. If the icon on the map is still bright white, this means you have not yet completed it.

You will need to run through this lost sector to completion before the legendary version becomes available to you. Simply return to the entrance and you will see the same pillar from the image above and this will allow you to get started with the lost sector on legend or master difficulty.

Why Aren’t Exotic Items Dropping In Legend Lost Sector?

The ability to obtain exotic gear from legendary lost sectors is a source of frustration for many players. The drop rate, despite being common on master difficulty is not that common. It can take several runs before you can actually get an exotic item to drop.

It can be very frustrating to spend hours on a legend lost sector to see no exotics drop or fail to get the one that you are looking for.

lost sector rewards
The rewards for the lost sector can be seen from the main difficulty selection screen. The drop rate of exotics will increase with difficulty

You Must Play Solo To Get Exotic Gear

If you look closely at the rewards for the lost sector, you will see that the exotic item has “IF SOLO” written next to it. This means that you must complete the lost sector alone. If you are doing it with a fireteam, you will not get the exotic reward. This explains why the Destiny 2 app does not have a fireteam option to let you join with others for lost sectors. The only reason people do them is for the exotics and the only way to get the exotic item is to play alone.

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