Xur Location April 1st 2022 Video Guide

Xur Location April 1st

Xur is the mystery agent who will provide you with some nice weapons and armor from time to time. His location changes every week and today, April 1st, he has respawned.

I would like to reveal some awesome April fool’s treat for this bud sadly there isn’t anything that is a must have for everyone. Still, the exotic engram my give you what you need.

Check out the video guide and images below on where to find Xur in Destiny 2, April 1st.

We have launched a new tool that will show you where to find Xur every week

Xur Tracker – What Is Xur Selling

Xur can be found on the planet Nessus in the large tree just north of the fast travel point in the witchers grave. Check out the image below.

Xur Location April 1st

You can easily identify the tree as it towers over the area.

Where to find xur

If you are still having trouble finding Xur, check out the video guide below.

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