Musphelheim Crucible Flawless Challenge Guide

Musphelheim Crucible Flawless Challenge

The flawless challenge in the Musphelheim Crucible in God of War Ragnarok requires a lot of skill compared to the others. You must complete the entire challenge without taking any damage, which is a lot harder than it initially sounds.

The main thing here is to keep as much distance between you and your enemies as possible. The further they are away from you, the harder it is for them to hit you with a cheap shot that you didn’t see coming.

Make a lot of use of the spear for ranged attacks and also the leviathan axe for the charged ranged attack with frost. Combined with the sigil arrows this can slow enemies down a lot.

The final enemy is the hardest due to its strength and speed. It is hard to keep a distance at times due to how quickly he can charge toward you. The video guide below will show you some useful ways to stay on top of all of the enemies and complete this challenge.

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