How To Get Super Spirit Detergent

How To Get Super Spirit Detergent

In order to purchase the electric cable from Azooz at the store, you will need to provide him with Super Spirit Detergent in exchange. By now, you will probably have found some of the energy drink cans but the Detergent is not as easy to come across. If you are looking to find this, check out the guide below to find out where to find Super Spirit Detergent.

To find Super Spirit Detergent, you will first need to find the laundrette. You can follow the road signs around the town or you can check out the video below to show you where to go and everything you need to do to get your paws on the detergent to trade for the electrical cable.

How To Get Insider Super Spirit Laundry

How To Get Super Spirit Detergent
you will be unable to get inside until you upset the owner inside.

When you knock on the door of Super Spirit Laundry, you will not be able to get inside. The owner will shout out to you about the troublemakers playing with paint buckets on the rooftops. This is your clue on how to get inside.

If you look up, you will find there are two guys throwing paint buckets across the street. You will need to head up and interact with both of these guys. You will discover that one of them is clumsy. Once you figure this out, you will need to meow when the game prompts you in order to distract this robot and make it drop the paint bucket onto the street below.

Once the paint bucket has fallen and spilt on the street below. The store owner will come outside and try to clean it up, leaving the door open behind them. You can climb back down to the street and walk inside where you can find a bottle of detergent on one of the countertops. Once you have it, you can return it to the store and exchange it for the electrical cable.

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