Where To Find Clementine?

where to find clementine

Upon reaching Midtown in Stray, you will need to speak with some of the residents of the town in order to get some information on Clementine. The area is not overly large, so you should come across enough clues naturally but if you are finding yourself at a bit of a brick wall, the guide below should help you find her.

Head To The Apartments Area

Standing at the start area of Midtown, facing down the street of neon lights, take the first right down the alley and you will meet a guy with a traffic cone on his head. Follow this alley around until you get to the main street again. If you look to the right after leaving this area, you will see the apartments.

where to find clementine
You will see some dancers down the alley. This is the apartment area

You should see a few guys with a boombox who are unable to dance due to the security cameras. Take note of this as it will be an important quest for you to have completed later on.

Finding Clementines Apartment

After making your way to the top floor, you can speak with a guy wearing a purple jacket called Muka. He will give you a rather cryptic clue.

“There’s an address behind there. It’s just here”

It took me a bit to figure out what he was trying to say. Examine the picture of clementine and look at the back of it. You will see it has some dots. These won’t make sense unless you look at the doors to the nearby apartments. This is the numbering system. All you gotta do is find the apartment that has this on the door.

finding clementines apartment stray
The colored dots on the back of Clementines picture are the clue where to find her.

The apartment is found to the right of Muka. It will be the apartment that is all blocked off with police tape. There is a small hole in the window that you will be able to jump through to proceed with the quest.

Considering all of the police looking for her, it is weird they didnt think to check her apartment…

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