Solving Clementines Mysterious Message

Clementines Mysterious Message

After making it past the security barrier and returning up to Clementine’s apartment, you will find that she is no longer there. In her bedroom, you will find that she has left a note for you.

“For BN12 and the cat: The answer lies in my stuff.”

There is then a picture of four symbols that give you a clue as to where you need to go next. The four pictures will give you the clues you need to find the complete message.

solving clementines mysterious message
The mysterious message will give you four clues to solve to get the full message

The fastest way to solve this is to check out the video below as it will show you the exact location of all four of the items that you need to find. If you just need one item though, I will include a written description below.

Incense Burner – This is found on the table in the main room. It is hard to miss as it is pink with smoke coming out of it.

Blue Crystal – You will need to make your way up to the high area of this room. You will see a rag hanging from a drawer. Pull this out and it will give you a platform to get up to the higher level. You will find the blue crystal on the floor up here.

Traffic Cone – Go into the bathroom and there will be a mannequin with a traffic cone on its head. This is the item.

Lava Lamp – This one is on a high shelf in the kitchen. It looks different to the others as it has a heart shape on it.

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