How To Decode Safe's Mysterious Password

safe's mysterious password

Early on in the game, you will come across a safe next to the robot that plays the guitar. There will be a note for this called “Safe’s Mysterious Password’. The secret is in here but it is encoded using some form of binary that none of the robots in the slums know how to read. They will often push you to find some geek will be able to solve the puzzle and tell you what the secret is but where can you do this?

It will likely take some time before you find the right person for this. If you just want to find out so you do not miss it, you will find the guy who can read this as part of the main story. It will be very obvious when you find the nerdy robot too. If you want to get this done fast, keep reading below.

Cracking The Binary Safe Password

To solve this, you will need to give the note to a guy named Elliot who understands this older form of binary and will be able to make sense of it for you. If you have been reading the signposts around the town, you will notice that there is a location called “Elliot Programming”. As the name suggests, this is where you will find Elliot and he will be able to translate the note for you.

Talk with him first and get the story part over and done with. You will then have the option to provide him with an item. Give him the note and he will tell you what it means. It translates to “DUFFER BAR”. As you may remember, however, the safe uses a numeric keypad, so this is not going to unlock the safe for you. There is more to do!

duffers bar
The secret code to access the safe can be found above the sign for the duffer bar in the slums

What Does Duffer Bar Clue For Safe Password Mean?

So there is a bar in the town and you can probably guess what the name of it is…Duffer Bar. Head to the bar and find the signpost from the picture above. Knock the painting off the wall to reveal a date which is the passcode used to unlock the safe.

This part of the walkthrough will show you where to find the safe password in Buffers bar.

Based on the color and font, it looks like this may be an easter egg relating to Stranger Things as the Duffer Brothers wrote this show.

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