How to Destroy Shield Generators In Ketchcrash

Destroy Shield Generators

During Ketchcrash, you will make your way through various different rooms on the ship that have their own obstacles and enemies. If you are looking to get some easy XP, you will be looking at the season quests which will require you to destroy shield generators. This objective has two problems. Where are the shield generators and once you find them, how do you destroy them?

This guide will help you out with these quests to find the generators and destroy prepared, this will get frustrating if you have a team that works well. This is another one of those annoying quests that put you against your teammates and good teamwork makes this harder.

Where To Find Shield Generators

Shield generators can be found in the warehouse that has two large walkers. Once you get the walker down to half health, purple beams will connect to it, offering it immunity. These are the shield generators that you need to destroy. If you try to shoot the generators, you will see that they are also immune. Now comes the hard part that is going to make you hate your teammates.

How To Destroy Shield Generators

Once the walkers are being defended by the shield generators, elite enemies will appear. You will see them easy enough as they have a diamond marker to help you find them. When you kill these enemies, they will drop a scorch cannon. This is the only weapon that can do any damage to the shield generators. Shoot them with the scorch cannon and they will be destroyed.

Since most other players are looking to get this or just want to get through the mission as fast as possible, you are going to be competing against other players to get that scorch cannon and destroy the shield generators.

Once you have a cannon, you just have to shoot the active shield generators, which means the ones with the beams and it will get you closer toward your quest objective.

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