How to Get New Abilities & Fragments For Void, Arc & Solar

Destiny 2 has three core subclasses with stasis being a fourth, new subclass that was introduced with the beyond light expansion. Each subclass has a series of different class specific abilities and supers that all have their own pros and cons that help players build a character that works well for them.

If you are wanting to switch to a new subclass, you might find that there are limited options available to you and want to unlock some additional abilities for the subclass. Here is what you need to do.

For the stasis subclass, you will not be able to follow the same steps below. Stasis is different as it requires the Beyond Light expansion. If you want to purchase abilities for this subclass, visit the Exo Stranger. More information can be found in this guide for purchasing new stasis abilities.

Where To Get New Supers, Artifacts, and Abilities For Void, Arc & Solar

In order to unlock new abilities for the main subclasses in Destiny 2, you will need to pay a visit Ikora Ray in the Tower. You will be able to dig into each of the three primary subclasses and purchase various new abilities and super abilities. You can also use this same vendor to purchase new grenades for a subclass.

The items are broken up into three main sections for each of the types and inside here, you can purchase abilities for each of the subclasses for glimmer. You may need to spend quite a lot of glimmer to unlock all of the abilities. Supers in particular can often cost a lot of glimmer, so you will need to do a bit of saving to unlock everything. The good news is that glimmer is all you need.

how to purchase new abilties for a subclass
The items available for sale from Ikora will give you all the abilties and artifacts that you need for the three main subclasses in the game

Once you have purchased all of the items that you want, you can use the item to the side of Ikora to meditate which will unlock all of the items you have purchased and make them available to you from the character menu.

meditate to unlock new abilities and fragments
Use the small model on the desk nearby to meditate and unlock the new abilties that you have just purchased
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