Simmerstone Springs Quest Walkthrough

Simmerstone Springs

Simmerstone Springs is a quest you will come across in Goron City, involving the discovery of a secret spring. The Hylian man will require your help to locate it. Here’s a step-by-step guide to completing this quest.

  1. Starting the Quest: The quest begins in Goron City, where you’ll learn of the secret spring. Accept the quest from the Hylian man with a flame breaker helmet who is overlooking the town to set out on the search for Simmerstone Springs.
  2. First Clues to the Spring: Speak to the Gorons lounging near a small spring within the city. They’ll provide you with your first lead, directing you to a larger spring located across a bridge that passes above the main entrance to the city. Follow their instructions to make your way there.
    where to find Simmerstone Springs
  3. Reaching the Large Spring: Once you arrive at the large spring, an elderly Goron will share more details about your quest. According to him, Simmerstone Spring is hidden within Gorko Tunnel. Unfortunately, a recent cave collapse has obstructed the entrance to this tunnel so he is no longer able to go there anymore.
  4. Locating the Gorko Tunnel: The next step in your journey is finding the entrance to Gorko Tunnel. Use your map and any local directions to help you navigate to this location. The image below will show you where to find the tunnel entrance.
    Gorko Tunnel entrance
  5. Clearing the Path: Upon reaching the entrance of the tunnel, you can head inside and as you explore, you’ll notice some tunnels blocked by boulders due to the cave collapse. You’ll need to clear the path to the tunnel. Using either your bombs or a strong weapon, smash the boulders blocking the way into the cave tunnels.
  6. Finding Simmerstone Spring: Once the path is clear, venture inside the tunnel and carefully explore the area. Keep an eye out for any signs of water or distinctive features that may indicate a spring. Eventually, your exploration should lead you to the hidden Simmerstone Spring.
    Simmerstone Spring inside the cave
  7. Completing the Quest: Step inside the spring to officially complete the quest. You’ve successfully found the Simmerstone Spring, much to the relief of the Gorons. The guy who gave you the quest will appear and reward you with 100 rupees along with some hard-boiled eggs that he cooks in the spring water.

Remember to stock up on bombs or ensure you have some weapons that you can fuse with a boulder before attempting to clear the blocked tunnels in the cave. The quest should be a breeze to complete, earning you some extra rupees in the process. Now you can chill in this secret new spring.

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