The Heroine's Secret Quest Guide

The Heroine's Secret

In the main chamber of the cave underneath the Gerudo town, you will meet a woman who asks you to find 4 stelae around the Gerudo ruins that tell a story of the ancient goddesses of the Gerudo people. She does not know where any of them are so you will need to search around the area to find them.

This guide will show you where to find all of four Stelae in the Gerudo ruins. The video guide below will show you where to find them all and there will be a written description underneath showing each of the four and how to find them. In order to be able to complete this quest, you will need to have obtained the camera as this is required to take pictures of the writing on the slabs. You know the picture is correct when you see “Monument to the Seven Heroines” show up on the picture.

This quest is the first part of a larger quest run around the Gerudo gods. Once you complete this quest, you will pick up the Mysterious Eighth quest which follows on from the mystery that you discover in this quest.

Where To Find The Four Stelae For The Heroine’s Secret

Broken Stelae – Monument To Seven Heroines

Down near the exit to the hidden caves that you would have used during the Riju of Gerudo Town quest. Before you go down to the main cavern, look to the left just before you leave the door from the Gerudo cave. You will see one of the Stelae on the wall. There will be a chunk missing that you will need to repair. First, blow the sand away using a fan or a Korok guster. You can then use the ultrahand to repair the broken slab. Once repaired, you can take a picture of it.

repaired stelae

Second Stelae In Classroom

The second one can be found in the school area. This is very close to the previous one. There will be a blackboard with some drawings of love. This one requires you to be clever with the camera angle. Walk into the classroom area and walk to the left of the blackboard where you see the training dummies. The stelae will be near the entrance to this room but it will be incomplete and you will need to use some kind of forced perspective to make the slab look complete.

angle needed for third stelae

Third Stelae Behind Boulders

Found in the main room when you walk between the two Stelae that are already in the central room. To the left, there will be a large amount of rocks piled against the wall. Smash these using a club or a bomb. The Stelae will be behind it.

first stelae slab

Final Stelae Location For The Heroine’s Secret

The final one is inside the prison cell and is a tricky one at first. How do you take a picture of the Stelae inside the prison cell? The guard will tell you that the only way to get inside is to break the rules but there is another way to get inside the Gerudo prison. You will need to go down into the smaller shop that is next to the prison. On the bottle left of the shelf, there are 2 bottles. You can crawl into the area behind these. Go into the far corner of the room and use uplift to get inside the prison cell. Once inside you can take a picture and this will be the quest completed.

final pillar inside the jail

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