Confronting Elijah About Isaac's Murder Or Not Stainless Steel Rat?

Confronting Elijah About Isaac's Murder

“The Stainless Steel Rat” is a side quest in The Outer Worlds that involves investigating a murder in Stellar Bay and deciding how to handle the situation. Here’s a detailed explanation of the quest, its pivotal decision points, and its potential outcomes and rewards.

The quest begins when the player approaches the entrance of the Stellar Bay Apartments. Talmadge Kerr comes running out, yelling about a murder. The player must investigate the apartment on the lower right side of the building, where they find a note and a hastily-packed suitcase. The note leads the player to Left Field Tossball Betting, where Nell reveals that the victim, Isaac, owed money to the wrong people and suspects he ran into trouble with Elijah and his gang, who usually hang out in the alley behind The Yacht Club.

The player must decide how to confront Elijah and his gang about Isaac’s murder. The choice involves using Intimidate skill checks or finding the Broken Tossball Stick to convince Elijah to leave town or face the consequences of their actions.

Outcomes and Rewards For Confronting Elijah About Isaac’s Murder

  1. If the player has Intimidate 55 or has found the Broken Tossball Stick, they can convince Elijah that they have proof of his involvement in Isaac’s murder. With an additional Intimidate 35 check, Elijah and his gang will leave town, and the player can report back to Sanjar for the reward.
  2. If the player fails the Intimidate checks or doesn’t have the Broken Tossball Stick, Elijah and his gang will attack. Once the player has dealt with them, they can report back to Sanjar for the reward.

Impact on the player’s experiences later in the game

The decisions made in “The Stainless Steel Rat” may have consequences that affect the player’s experience throughout the game. Depending on the choices made, the player may have access to different quests, resources, and interactions with NPCs. The player’s reputation with various factions may also be affected, which can influence the availability of quests, vendor prices, and resources from these factions.

Since the quest primarily revolves around the murder investigation, it’s likely that the main impact of the player’s decisions will be on their reputation with the Monarch Stellar Industries (MSI) faction and any future interactions with Sanjar.

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