Where can I find Rachel Lockwood

The bar man wants me to give him almost 7000 bits to tell me the location of Rachel Lockwood. I don't have any intimidate options to make it easy for me. Rather than pay him, can someone tell me where to find her so I can get the assassination done without wasting lots of bits?

Where can I find Rachel Lockwood The Outer Worlds

Where can I find Rachel Lockwood - Where is Rachel Lockwood hiding in outer worlds. I need to kill her and can't find where she is hiding. - See below for the answer to this question.

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You will need to go down into the maintenance tunnels. She is fairly easy to find down there.

From the bar, exit and go left. Down the stairs and the first left will bring you under the building. You will find an elevator there that brings you down to the tunnels. You will find Rachel Lockwood standing in a corner of a generator room. Take the first left when you get inside and she will be there.

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