Where can I find Chastity’s Hideaway Key?

I am on the quest “Radio free monarch” which is asking me to speak with the information broker at devils peak. I have reached a large metal door that is locked. The terminal next to is is telling me that I need to obtain Chastity’s Hideaway Key in order to unlock the terminal. 

I have looked around the camps in the surrounding area and I have not u covered anything that helps me figure out where to go next.

Where can I find Chastitys Hideaway Key The Outer Worlds

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1 Answer


I’m not sure there is one, and if there is I’m not sure you need it. You can easily walk around the mountain and unlock the door from the other side without needing a key.

This door doesn’t block the way to the quest location either. The description mentions a path around the side of the mountain. Follow the purple tracks on the ground and it will lead you to the quest location. 



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