Big Buizel, Little Buizel Guide - Request 4

How to Catch a big Buizel 

Big Buizel, Little Buizel is one of the first quests that you will be able to pick up when you explore Jubilife Village in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. You will be asked to find a Buizel that is big. Specifically, you need to find one that is taller than 2′ 8″.

The quest will not specify the height until you speak with Dorian again. The quest will only say to “Catch a big Buizel to give to Dorian”. You can spend half the day catching Buizel and you will waste a lot of time doing this as the standard Buizel will not grow this tall, at least I don’t think so ( I caught 12 of them).

How to Catch a big Buizel

Buizel is fairly easy to find, you will find him running around the Horseshoe Plains, but these are never big enough to satisfy the quest requirements. In order to get a tall one, you will need to look for the Alpha.

The player location (red arrow) on the map below was where I found the Alpha Buizel. Once I caught him, I checked the stats and he was over 4ft. Twice the size needed to complete the quest. Once you catch this Pokemon, return to Dorian and hand in the quest.

How to Catch a big Buizel 
Make your way to the location of the player on the map and you will find an Alpha Buizel that will be tall enough to complete the quest.

When you return to Dorian and give him the Alpha Buizel, you will get to see the size comparison between the two. It is very interesting to see how pokemon height actually makes a difference in this game.

Big Buizel, Little Buizel

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