First Impressions of Fallout 1st

fallout 1st first impressions

I have been playing Fallout 76 for the past week and decided to make the jump and pay for Fallout 1st. I wanted to share my first impressions on this subscription service to help others decide whether Fallout 1st is worth it. I will create a few more posts about this in the future as I spend more time using it. 

The ethics behind Fallout 1st are not great. We can all agree that games that make life difficult to encourage you to pay for things to be a bit easier are pretty unfair, but it is what it is. We can’t change this, so if you like this game, you will be considering it regardless.

The Price

The price is the first sticking point and is the biggest issue for everyone. Depending on where you live, the price will vary a bit. For me, it costs €15, but I know it is a bit cheaper in the US. Wherever you are, the price is high. Super high considering you could buy a year of PS Plus or Xbox Live Gold for half the price of an annual Fallout 1st. You get free monthly games with those subscriptions! When you look at it this way, the cost is absolutely crazy!

To make the price worth it, you need to look at it from another angle, time! If you plan on spending months playing this and only playing this game, the subscription fee seems a lot lower. When you consider the amount of time you will saving doing boring tasks, hunting for junk and travelling, you would save a huge amount of your time for the monthly fee. So how does this subscription save your time? 

The Tent Is Awesome!

This was the biggest selling point for me on two levels. The first is that you get a second free fast travel point, similar to your camp. Place the tent wherever you want for free and it becomes a fast travel point. This tent also contains a stash box that allows you to keep your inventory under control. With this tent, you will never have to worry about being over-encumbered again because you have 800lbs of a stash crate that follows you around for free!

The Scrapping Box

This is another thing that makes life so easy. Unlimited storage for junk. Not just unlimited, but you can break down and store junk instantly. Normally you need to go to a crafting bench to break down junk like fans, hot plates etc. in order to get the materials inside. With the new scrapping box, you can scrap everything and store the junk instantly. This box also appears in the tent so you have 800lbs of storage for guns, armour and aid. Then you have infinite storage for junk. I have been struggling non stop with my inventory. Having about 40lbs of space to play with each time. I no longer have to worry about this at all. 

The Atoms are Meh

The price of things on the atom store is a complete joke. Even with the free atoms, I have no interest in wasting my money on anything there at the moment. I am going to let these build up and use them to buy something useful in the future. The atom store is just another greed flag for this game. Digital items that cost nothing to the developer are priced crazy high. You could buy a game or two from Steam, PSN or Xbox Live for the price of some random outfit here. 

Thankfully the goods here do not influence the game much, so you do not need to spend much time here. I am sure I will find something in the future, so, for now, the atoms I get each month are going to be hoarded. 

Private servers are pretty much cheating

Workshops where no other players can take them from you. Server hopping and never risk other players screwing the spawn levels of enemies or simply being able to have access to everything yourself. All the bobbleheads and plans are yours to take! I still prefer to use public servers but I will be taking advantage of this when it comes to the workshops. Spend a few hours capturing them all and all you will have to do is defend from the generic enemies the game throws at you rather than high-level players or anything scarier. 

At least I can get all the benefits of this and not be considered a cheater in Bethesdas eyes. This makes Fallout 1st feel like a cheating bribe. Gives you a huge upper hand over other players without getting in trouble since you have handed the money over for the luxury. Sort of like real life I suppose.  

Was it worth the money?

So far, yes. I feel this has made the game more fun as I do not need to spend as much time dealing with inventory issues and searching for junk. The process of doing this is still fun but it does not take up most of my time playing the game. Since I am still a low level, I need to do a lot of searching for stuff as I am weak as hell. 

Since I also have a low amount of caps, fast travel was expensive. Having a camp and a tent to travel for free, I no longer have to waste time walking. I also no longer have to waste time walking while over-encumbered. 

For the moment at least, the €15 was worth it as I can see the next month of playing Fallout 76 being a lot more fun.

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