Lag Compensation Has Ruined Advanced Warfares Multiplayer

Lag Compensation

Lag has always been a topic of intense discussion with Call of Duty games. Advanced warfare is the first game that has tried to overcome this and in the process has completely destroyed the multiplayer game mode. Lag compensation is Advanced Warfares method of “evening the odds”. Players with slow connections will no longer have a disadvantage over players with fast connections. In theory this sounds like a fantastic idea, but when you see how it works, it’s quite possibly the worst thing they could have ever done!

Lets say that 7 people in a game have a 100mb internet connection and one person has 1mb. This person is likely going to lag because they have a slow connection. Rather than let that person lag around the map Advanced Warfare combats this by reducing every players connection speed so that ALL players lag the same amount. So if you pay good money to get a fast connection, it’s absolutely useless to you. You connection is only going to be as fast as the slowest gamers connection. This is fair in a way, but the main argument here is, why should we be punished for people having a slow internet connection?

Dedicated servers have been a big talking point for gamers. If we have a dedicated server running the game we wont have to deal with any bad connections. Large farms of dedicated servers are not cheap, but a multi billion dollar franchise like Call of Duty can surely afford this. Activision have tried to assure us that we dont need dedicated servers and that lag is not an issue with the multiplayer game mode. The only answer to this is to watch the short video below. This is the worst lag I have come across.

With enough pressure Activision may finally provide Call of Duty players with a professional multiplayer eperience. After many years of earning billions of dollars they could at least repay the community by providing an unrivalled multiplayer experience. Lag compensation gives every player the same advantage, but in the process ruins the game. I think it’s better for some people to have a poor lag filled game rather than EVERYONE to have a laggy game. However this is handled by Activision, the main objective needs to be the removal of lag compensation!


  1. Did they just implement this, because the last few days have been terrible. Lag everywhere. I’m literally watching most people as slide shows now. It’s so bad, I’m almost to the point of not playing anymore. I also wasted money on season pass. No one plays or no one bought it. I played a few rounds of the first DLC. Nothing since.

  2. Wtf? This is complete bullsh*t explenation for lag compensation mechanism. Even developer team itself made point about this in recent interview – NO traffic throttling or cutting is happening AT ALL. Lag compensation is position prediction mechanism, that calculates about where players will be xx milliseconds in future, and accordingly adjusts hit positions. Stop writing total nonsense.

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