World of Warcraft Character Name Generator

World of warcraft character name generator

World of Warcraft was one of the first MMOs to reach mainstream success. It was a huge change from the previous games which were based in the real-time strategy genre. Like any RPG, WOW will allow you to create a character from an ever-growing roster of races that are added through each game expansion. If you are starting a new character, use this World of Warcraft character name generator list to come up with something great.

Vanilla WOW had a lot of common races you would expect from the fantasy RPG genre. With each expansion, the races available increases with a new type being added for each of the two factions, the horde, and the alliance.

Character name ideas for World of Warcraft are broken up by race. However, there is nothing stopping you from using a more generic name for any race. The hero name ideas, for example, could be used for any race. I will provide these generators in the index so that you can use them too.

Character Name Generator For Mounts

Mounts are difficult to come up with targeted names because there are so many different species of creatures available in the game. I already have a horse name generator on the site for use in RPGs. It may not apply to all mounts in this game but it will definitely help for those who have a horse mount or think that some of the names for horses apply well to different kinds of mounts.

Best WOW Character Name Generator Ideas

All of the different tools under this World of Warcraft character name generator will allow you to come up with some really good, real-sounding names for your characters. The tools were designed to come up with full names, you may have to abbreviate some of the longer names if the suggestion is longer than the character limit for names that are built into the games character creation tool.

Warcraft Character Names List

Rather than provide a massive list of names that people will end up using first and will end up making them unavailable for others, I will just leave the list of the random name generator tools for all of the races. The tools all generate the data completely randomly and there is a huge number of possible names that it can generate. You will most definitely be able to find the perfect name for your character. If you have some great name ideas for wow that you want to share with others, post them in the comments section and it may give other people some great inspiration.

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