PSN Error Codes

PSN Error Codes

Dealing with errors is never fun, ideally, everything would run smoothly and never cause trouble. When dealing with PSN error codes, it is hard to know where to find the solution. Sometimes they make sense other times it is a complete mystery. The good news is that the error codes are consistent and we can use them to find solutions.

This wiki contains a list of common errors that you may come across on PSN along with the solutions for them. If you search through the collection, you can click on the record and it will take you to the error to explain what the meaning is and what the cause is if there is a concrete answer to this. Please leave any comments you can if you find an alternative solution or learn more about one of the PSN error codes as it will help others in the future if they come across the same problems that you are.

Sometimes we simply don’t know what causes the errors, we can only work together to find a fix. If you are dealing with an error that is not listed here, feel free to ask a question or leave a comment below and we can look into it for you.

How many error codes are there on PSN?

We do not know how many possible error codes there are. Errors can often be caused by the same root cause but have some variations that don’t alter the cause of the problem or the fix too much but will be important for someone working behind the scenes at the PlayStation network to monitor the extent of the problems.

What are PSN error codes?

When something goes wrong with a PlayStation console, the error will normally be caught and logged somehow. A debug report may get sent to Sony or the system may attempt to fix it. When this happens, a notification will be shown to the user so they can get some further help with the problem.

Say you are trying to install a game to the console and there is an issue. The cause of the problem could be complicated to explain. Rather than give someone pages upon pages of text, the error code will allow this user to get help. Either by calling the support phone line for PlayStation or by going onto a website like this and finding some information that me and other regular gamers have posted about it.

Why are these confusing?

As for the formatting, there is generally a reason for it that is not made obvious to us. The engineers at Sony will be able to make sense of it though. The lack of a clear text-based error is a problem for gamers who do not have the inside knowledge, that is why a wiki-like this is important for gamers like us to be able to deal with these problems when they come up.

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