RPG Name Generator

RPG name generator

Role-playing games are an incredibly popular form of game in both the video game world and in tabletop gaming. The RPG format was made popular by tabletop games like dungeons and dragons and as computing technology advanced have become a very popular genre for video games.

RPGs start out with character creation. A player will pick from a selection of races that have specific traits. From here they can pick a class and various other traits that will help define what this specific character will be good at. These traits will impact how you play the game and will also influence how you name your character.

A lot of games based in the RPG genre will share a lot of races, depending on the setting. Fantasy games like Elder Scrolls, Dragon Age, Warcraft and Dungeons & Dragons will have a strong focus around elves, orcs, humans and some other specific deviations from these types.

There are some specific name generators on this site that will help you decide the perfect character names for Elder Scrolls and some great character name ideas for Dungeons & Dragons. This page is a more generic fantasy RPG name generator that will help you find some name suggestions for the most common races that feature in fantasy RPG games.

Since Sci-fi and futuristic RPG games are a little more flexible and unexpected when it comes to alien races, it is harder to prepare a collection of name generators for these. You can find a large library of gaming character name generators on this site that might give exactly what you need for characters in a specific game franchise. If anything is missing, feel free to request one!

To get started, check the table of contents connected to this wiki. You will find a list of different name generators that are specific to certain character types, races, creatures, monsters and even an option to create some boss enemies to add to a world if you are going for an RPG that has a dungeon master to create the story.

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