Forager Items and Resources

Forager Items and Resources

Harvesting items and resources is the core mechanic of Forager. Much like Minecraft, you must use tools to gather resources from the surrounding areas. A lot of the items in the game are fairly obvious and function as you might expect, but others are less obvious.

This guide will go over many of the items and resources that are available in Forager. These can be items that you collect naturally through mining and harvesting in the wild or through crafting. The crafting elements will often rely heavily on having the correct buildings built.

If you are thinking of building something but do not know what Items that it will generate for you, you can check out for Forager buildings guide to find out what each of these buildings generate.

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Forager is the popular crafting, exploration and base building game that can best be defined as “the idle game that you want to actively keep playing”. A quirky mix between old school 2D Zelda experiences and modern Minecraft or Terraria-like crafting games that places players into a small piece of land with just a pickaxe and a desire for expansion and exploration. Players can buy procedurally generated lands to uncover…