Where do you find the Laserkraftwerk?


I have come across so many different doors and locations now that show the “Open with Laserkraftwerk” prompt when you get close. At first I assumed I would find it eventually but now I am starting to think I might have missed it. Where do you find the Laserkraftwerk weapon in Wolfenstein Youngblood and can you miss it?

Where do you find the Laserkraftwerk
Wolfenstein: Youngblood

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1 Answer

LeonDB40 -

No, it’s not possible to miss it. The Brother 1 mission will give it to you. You won’t be able to progress through that mission unless you pick it up so it’s impossible to miss. 

You can progress further with other missions that will cause you to miss out on stuff if you don’t have it so I’d suggest you get this mission done as soon as it’s available so you have the Laserkraftwerk in your inventory to use for other missions.

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