Reach the tower lobby without Laserkraftwerk?

I am doing the Brother 1 raid mission. The game didn’t have a skull next to the mission to signal it would be difficult so I thought I was ready.

I am down in a checkpoint room now and need to get into a security room that is locked. There is a door that can be opened with the Laserkraftwerk weapons. I remember these from past Wolfenstein games but I do not have it yet in this game.

The current quest objective is to reach the tower lobby. How am I meant to do this without that weapon/tool?

Reach the tower lobby without Laserkraftwerk Wolfenstein: Youngblood

How do you reach the tower lobby without owning a Laserkraftwerk weapon to open the door to the office. See below for the answer to this question.

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You need to use the double jump. There is a big light fixture in this room. Jump onto it and up the the balcony above. You can then crawl through a vent and get into that security room to progress.

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