The Following Application will be suspended in 15 minutes because the license cannot be verified!

I get this almost every day while playing games. I have 2 PS4s and this one is not the primary console, so I am guessing this is the reason for it. Something to do with it not being able to connect to the server or something, but why? I am connected to the internet and sometimes it doesn't happen others it happens a few times. It's never cut me off, but it is an annoyance. Is there a way to prevent the message from happening. A more long term way to verify this is my console. Surely if I'm signed into PSN as me it's fine.

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Not sure there is a way to disable this specific message without disabling more than just this. The issue is a network thing. When you are using a non primary PS4 it needs to wuery the license server to make sure you are allowed to access the games you are playing. This is likely an anti piracy thing. If the communication fails for whatever reason, this message pops up to warn you that if the license is not validates in 15 mins your time is up. If you are legitimately using this account then there is no need to worry.

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