Operating System Questions & Answers

Questions and answers around video game operating systems. This can include operating systems from game consoles such as Xbox, PlayStation or any Nintendo products but can also be for things related to windows, Mac or Linux.


Does anyone else find that the playstation stores background music makes sounds like a vibrating phone?

Is there a way to show trophy description when you unlock a trophy in PS5

Is the refresh rate option in the Xbox series X the same as frame rate? Is 120hz the same as 120fps?

I am trying to perform a first time setup of my Xbox series X. I have started it up and I am stuck on a black screen with the Xbox logo.

When I shut my xbox down it shuts the game down too. Suspend and resume does not seem to be working for me.

When you play games on PS Now, are you able to unlock trophies in the same way you do when playing a regular disc or digital game on the PS4.

Is there a way to find out how many hours I have spent playing a particular game on the PS4? I know games often count but is there a system level monitor?

Does the Nintendo Switch support achievements like the Xbox and the Playstation have on the network accounts

I have 2 PSN accounts on my PS4. They are in different regions from each other. I have downloaded a game from account B and I want to play the games purchased with it on account A (to get the trophies). The problem is when I switch back to account A and try to start […]

I have 2 PSN accounts for different regions. I want to download some games purchased on my other PSN account. How do I log into a different PSN account with my PS Vita?