PS5 Remote Play Error CE-110024-8


I have remote play enabled on the PS5 and the 8 digit code is showing up the screen that I must input on the PS4. The PS4 is connected to the same home network and when I input the code, the PS5 updates as if it has just received the request and starts a loading screen.

On the PS4 it will submit and then almost immediately go back to the same code input screen where you have to enter the 8 digit code again.

After a minute or so of loading on the PS5 it stops with an error saying that something went wrong and has the error code CE-110024-8. I have tried doing it multiple times and keep getting the same error. Any idea what is causing this?

CE-110024-8 error

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Dan Hastings -

This can be an issue with your home network. If the PS5 has a restricted NAT type, it will be hard for the PS4 or any other device to communicate with it.

To fix this, try making changes to get a NAT type 1. This will result in a better experience overall but it should also help you bypass this issue. My PS5 was acting up and I was getting the CE-110024-8 error too. Opening the NAT type fixed the problem.

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