How do you leave your house at the start of the game?


I seem to be stuck in the house at the start of the game. My mother seems to be suggesting I go outside. The front door is locked though. I have checked all over the house and when I walk up to the front door I can’t seem to do anything. I’m unable to interact with the door or anything. I seem to be stuck inside the house. Am I missing something obvious here? 

How do you leave your house at the start of the game
Pokémon Sword & Pokémon Shield Double Pack

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LeonDB40 -

I’m guessing you are trying to enter the broom closet or something. The door you see in the upward direction is not the front door of the house. The door is actually in the downward direction. I know it isn’t immediately obvious that this is the direction that you need to go. Try moving down a bit in the hallway and you will see the exit to the room marked on the map


  1. I couldn’t find it until I went to your post

  2. that’s ridiculous, I had the same issue and had to google it.
    No idea it was south, not obvious in the slightest

  3. My son had the same problem. Thanks for your useful post!

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