How do you catch Pokémon in the water

I was exploring the wild area and I saw a whalemer in a pond. I tried to get it to engage with me but nothing happened, he just kept swimming around the water. How are you meant to engage with Pokémon that are swimming in the water?

I have the fire gym coming up next and could do with some water Pokémon in my team to make it easier

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In previous Pokémon games you would need to learn a move called surf. In sword and shield you will get a bike upgrade that does the same thing. I think it's the 6th gym where you get it. Route 9 you will get into a battle with a fisherman and once you win the battle you will obtain an upgrade for the bike. I forget what it is called. You can't progress without it so you will definitely get it. Keep going until you do. Once you have it you will be able to cycle through the water. If it's just water Pokémon you are trying to catch then you can do that with a fishing rod from early on in the game. Go to the edge of the water where you see the ripple and bubbles. Interact with it to cast your rod in and press A at the exact time to pull your rod and it will engage you in a Pokémon battle  

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