How do you catch a ditto

I am going through the special research tasks as part of the quest line for mew. The latest round has asked me to catch a ditto. I have yet to come across one of these and I have caught a lot of Pokemon so far. How do you catch a ditto?

How do you catch a ditto Pokémon GO

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Normally ditto is a rare Pokemon that doesn’t actually show up on the map. Any time you see a common Pokemon like a pidgy, zigzagoon or some other very common Pokemon, it might actually be a ditto. You don’t know until you catch it. 

As far as I know, the chances of one of these being a ditto increases a lot once you get this reaearch task. I had never caught a ditto either but when I got this quest I got one that say from catching a Rattata.

Once you get the reaearch task, catch all of the common Pokemon you come across. Once they are captured by the pokeball the screen will go purple and they will turn Into a ditto. 

Don’t worry about this one too nuch. Chances are you will take longer catching 10 ghost type Pokemon or getting all the great throws than it will to get a ditto.

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