Can You make the mini map rotate?

I find the mini map really confusing to use. When you are under pressure from a race and are going downwards on the map, left is right and right is left. It is confusing having todeal with the perspective being different depending on the direction you are driving. Is it possible to make the Burnout Paradise mini map rotate like it does in the GTA games so your cursor is always pointing forward and the map rotates when you turn?

Can You make the mini map rotate Burnout Paradise Remastered

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It is a bit annoying at first. You will get used to it after a while, but once you get better at the game you will find you are using it less and less. The flashing road signs at the top of the screen will help now and then. The main benefit comes from geetting used to the city itself. Once you learn your way around, you wont need any help navigating. The DJ gives some tips about this now and then. I would suggest you just drive around the city for a while looking for the yellow gates and billboards. Finding these will help you discover good shortcuts and find new ways to get around the city. 


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