Following The Map For The Tale of Rowland Oakes Quest

Early on in the game, you will pick up a quest called the Tale of Rowland Oakes. You will need to make your way to a goblin settlement where you will end up finding a map. The map charts a path that is not particularly easy to make sense of. The landmarks do not stand out all that well and you are likely going to be wondering how you are to find the end point marked on the map.

If you follow the path out of the camp, you will end up making your way to the destination marked on the map. It is hard to get lost, the game will prompt you when you are going the right way as the main character will say so.

tale of rowland oakes map
The map does not really give much clues to help you find the destination on your own.

Assuming the red circle is where you are right now, the place you picked up the map. You just have to follow the trail down the hill and you will end up finding a castle ruin. It does not stand out above the trees but if you go down this direction, you will find it. The map marker below will show you where to go if you get lost.

tale of rowland oakes map location
Following the path will get you most of the way there. The map marker above will show you where to go if you are having trouble.

Once you get to the location on the map, you will have a rather enjoyable dungeon to work your way through. Make sure you bring plenty of supplies, there are lots of goblins to kill. This one could take some time.

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