Sea of Thieves Ship Name Generator

Sea of thieves ship name generator

Sea of Thieves is a popular ocean-based pirate game. Sail across the seas and take on all sorts of enemies. From skeletons to sea creatures and even other pirate players that you happen to come across. Like any good pirate ship, your seafaring should have a name. The Sea of Thieves ship name generator below will help you do just that!

The sea of thieves ship name generators will give you lots of great pirate ship name ideas.  For those who take their expeditions more serious, we also have a standard ship name generator, but let’s be real here, nobody wants to use normal ship names for a game that is entirely about being a pirate.

To get started, simply use the tool below. It will give you a huge collection of ship names that you can use for your ship in Sea of Thieves on Xbox and PC.

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How To Name Your Ship In Sea of Thieves

Names are a pretty major part of owning a pirate ship. Strangely enough, this is not a core part of the game mechanics in sea of thieves. There is no legit, in-game method of applying your name to a ship so that other players can see it, or even so that you can see it while playing.

For the moment at least, the only way for you to name your ship in Sea of Thieves is to apply the name yourself. Just like how you will also need to apply the fictitious pirate crew name to your friends who play with you.

If the game gets an update that will allow you to use this Sea of Thieves ship name generator to actually name the ship in-game, please drop a comment below and I can work on any cool updates to make it even better suited to whatever the dev team decide to do to implement the feature.

Sea of Thieves Name Ship

To apply a name to your ship, you will simply have to remember it. There is no in-game functionality as of yet that will allow you to apply a name for your ship so that you or other players can see it in the game.

It is rather surprising that this is the case considering the importance of ship names in our own history of non pirating ships and even in classic pirate stories. Pirate ships are always given names. Seems like a fun and a rather simple feature to implement to allow it to be done in this game. For the moment anyway, you will have to play pretend.

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