Orc Name Generator

While fantasy races often have unique portrayals depending on the universe or franchise they are based in, Orcs only tend to vary based on anger levels. Orcs are seen as being the dumb brutes of the fantasy world. Green skin, very muscular and quite low on intelligence compared to other races.

Role-playing games, in an effort to make races more balanced, often give some perks to orc characters to make up for other shortcomings. Deciding to be an orc can be a great thing. This is why I have put together this random orc name generator.

Use the controls below to come up with lots of unique and interesting orc name ideas that you can use for video games, dungeons & dragons or pretty much anything else that gives you the ability to name your orc characters.


Cool Name Ideas For Orc Characters

Hopefully, this tool has helped you find lots of great orc names to use for your characters. Keep pressing the button to generate more and more names. If you want the shortcut, here are some interesting name ideas to use that have been generated using this tool.

Male Orc Name Ideas

Here are some name ideas you can use for male orc characters. Coming up with original names is pretty easy since it just needs to be some primative and aggressive sounding word. Throw guts or some other brutal injury sounding word and you have created a name for an orc

  • Wazgut Son Of Grognor
  • Ratnob Darkskin
  • Gnarl Ironbelly
  • Gorbag Slayer Of Draknork
  • Smashbag Son Of Slogger
  • Gash Skullmasher
  • Bugmush Maggotguts
  • Grufnoff Bloodsnarl
  • Skloblum Fireblaze
  • Grash Slayer Of Zogrot

Female Orc Name Ideas

Coming up with names for female orcs is a lot harder than male as most of the methods you use to create names result in harsh-sounding words that feel too aggressive to be feminine. Trying to take masculine names and altering them so they end with the letter A seems to be the best way to go about it. If anyone has some suggestions to add into the pool of first names, please let me know, this one was tough.

  • Maskana Doombringer
  • Karita Hellroar
  • Daeondra Maggotwash
  • Vedula Bloodsplatter
  • Muknalu Daughter Of Sheelum
  • Maskana Brokenfist
  • Fraeya Slayer Of Krikla
  • Sheebad Champion Of Bloodsnarl
  • Taklulz Mudskull
  • Nazsnaga Firebog