Orc Name Generator

Orc name generator

Welcome to the Ultimate Orc Name Generator, the perfect tool to spark your creativity and help you forge strong and powerful orc names for your fantasy adventures. Whether you’re creating a half-orc character for your next Dungeons & Dragons campaign, a fierce Skyrim orc for the realm of Tamriel, or a mighty Warhammer orc to lead your armies into battle, this generator has you covered.

While fantasy races often have unique portrayals depending on the universe or franchise they are based in, Orcs only tend to vary based on anger levels. Orcs are seen as being the dumb brutes of the fantasy world. Green skin, very muscular, and quite low on intelligence compared to other races. Orc names are fairly difficult to come up with on the fly, which is why this orc name generator will be very useful for those needing to create new characters.

Use the generator below to come up with lots of exciting and interesting orc name ideas that you can use for video games, dungeons & dragons, or pretty much anything else that gives you the ability to name your orc characters.


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The orcish language is guttural and fierce, reflecting the orc’s unyielding spirit and determination. This generator captures the essence of this ancient tongue, combining elements of real-world linguistic roots and the rich history of fantasy literature. As you explore the endless possibilities of orc names, you’ll discover names suitable for warriors, shamans, chieftains, and more.

Fantasy Character Name Generator: Offers a broad range of fantasy names that could be perfect for characters in various settings, including orcs, making it useful for gamers and writers seeking creative names.

Dwarf Name Generator: Focuses on generating names suitable for dwarf characters, which could be a great resource if you’re looking for names that share the fantasy genre’s depth and lore with orc names.

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Female Orc Name Ideas

female orc names

Female orcs, in particular, are known for their fierceness in battle and their dedication to their tribe. So, whether you’re creating a fearsome half-orc warrior or a cunning female orc shaman, this generator has you covered.

Female Orcs often play a similar role to orcs in most fantasy RPGs with an exception being with Warhammer 40k where it is very uncommon to ever see a female orc among the ranks of the ferocious Waaagh.

Random Half-Orc Fantasy Names

warhammer orc name generator

Whether you’re a seasoned DND player looking to create a new half-orc character or a writer searching for the perfect Skyrim orc name, this generator offers a vast range of ideas to suit your needs. By using this generator, you’ll be able to:

  1. Save time and effort in creating authentic and unique orc names.
  2. Generate ideas for a variety of fantasy settings, from DND to Skyrim and Warhammer.
  3. Explore orcish culture and linguistics, adding depth to your characters and stories.

So, what are you waiting for? Step into the world of orcs and half-orcs, and let this generator provide you with countless orc names that will bring your fantasy stories to life. Embrace the rich orcish heritage, and create characters that will leave a lasting impression in the realms of Skyrim, DND, and Warhammer. Get started now, and let your imagination run wild!

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