Elf Name Generator

fantasy elf names

In the common fantasy realm, elves are a lot different than the traditional figure that is small in stature. An elf in fantasy lore is often very human like with long blonde hair and pointed ears. Traditionally known for their skill in archery, elves have a very strong relationship with nature and often live in enchanted forests.

Many RPGs such as Elder Scrolls, Dragon Age and World of Warcraft will allow the player to create a male or female elf character. More often than not, you will also be allowed to give your character a name. Elf names are not commonly encountered in everyday life which is why I have created this tool to help you get some inspiration.

Using the controls below, you will be able to generate random elf names to use in fantasy video games or even for your D&D character as Dungeons and Dragons also features elves as a race of characters. Keep clicking the button to generate many possible names that you can use. Even if you just need an elfish (or is it elven) surname, you can substitute your name or a name you already have before it.


Elf Name Ideas

If you are looking to jump straight to the good stuff, here are some interesting name ideas that you can use for your elf character. Elf names can often sound gender neutral, allowing you to use a name for male, female or any other gender you wish to have your character be. So whether it is a male elf name or a female elf name you are looking for, reading over all of the ideas below may help you find what you need if you haven't had much luck with the random generator.

Male Elf Name Ideas

  • Scalanis Kesefehon
  • Vaegon Son Of Ivlisar
  • Folwin Of Vaalyun
  • Elandorr Sandevv
  • Wyrran Erfir
  • Illithor Son Of Aranel
  • Elanjar Uevareth

Female Elf Name Ideas

  • Galadriel Valindra
  • Laeanna Of Thurruvyn
  • Rychell Tehlmar
  • Elora Sakrattars
  • Ayda Slayer Of Ialantha
  • Lenna Finduilas
  • Kyrrha Perzeiros