Blood Elf Name Generator

Blood elf name generator

Elves have a few different factions that go down the darker side of the ethical lines. Blood elves tend to fall more into the evil side than good. What is unusual about them, when you compare to any other race, not just elves, is that they tend to be quite glamorous and attractive. World of Warcraft, in particular, portrays them in this way. This tool is a Blood Elf name generator which will give you lots of cool name suggestions to use for characters you create.

The button below will give you suggestions that you can use for any new characters that you are creating. You can use the toggle to switch between genders to get female blood elf names and male blood elf names. All of the names are very elf sounding and are not based on any common names from popular fictional work. If you are writing a story or just need a name for your new gaming character, this tool will give you lots of interesting ideas.


What’s the difference between Blood Elves and Dark Elves?

There is a very distinct visual difference between blood elves and dark elves. Blood elves look quite humanlike and are generally well kept and glamorous. Dark elves tend to be the opposite, although they can often wear attractive clothing, just darker colors.

In terms of story, the difference depends mostly on the lore of the fictional universe you are dealing with. There is going to be some back story that explains what caused the various races of elves to come into existence. Since they are all part of the elf race, the formation of the faction generally comes from some sort of conflict. The cause of this conflict will generally define the personality types you can expect to see.

Blood Elf Name Ideas

The Blood Elf name generator above will allow you to generate lots of different name ideas for both boy and girl characters. There is a large data set to work with here that will give you lots of name ideas with some variations that go down the road of family names and use a more medieval style of the family tree hierarchy.

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