Samurai Name Generator

Samurai name generator

Samurai warriors are common in stories based around ancient Japan. These were the highly trained that earned the same respect that knights would in medieval cultures in western countries. The Japanese language may not be something most people are familiar with, this Samurai name generator will help you out.

While the katana or similar swords were the most iconic weapon of the Samurai, they were known and often highly skilled in many other weapons such as spears and bows. The sword is always considered the weapon of choice. The samurai names that you will find here will fit the type of demeanour that most people will be familiar with when it comes to these formidable warriors.

Use the button below to start generating name ideas for Samurai warriors. Feel free to leave any suggestions or ideas in the comments below.

Japanese Samurai Names

All of the name ideas, at least most of them anyway, are based around the Japanese language. The names are all made up and are made to sound good in English but also have a meaning in Japanese that is not silly. The name ideas should reflect some item of power and strength to ensure that the name of the warrior is worth using.

A common surname we have seen used is “Hayabusa”. It sounds like a cool word but what does it mean? This is the Japanese word for “peregrine falcon”, the fastest bird on earth. A bird whose features were used to design fighter jets. You don’t get much cooler than this right? You will see a lot more names like this generated to ensure that your Samurai’s name kicks as much ass as he does.

Samurai Names For Games

If you are just looking for a cool Gamertag idea or you are playing a new RPG and want to make your character someone who follows the way of the blade. The names from this tool are perfect for the job. Fitting the feudal Japanese style with references to the actual language while also being words and names that sound cool in English or any language for that matter.

If you need some samurai names for games, check out some of the suggestions that this Samurai name generator creates as you are sure to find something here that you really like.

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