Interesting Look Into The Nazi Controversy With The New Colossus

What a ridiculous world we live in where there are people pissed off at a game that opposes the KKK and Nazis. Well like Pete Hines from Bethesda has said: “Unless you are a Nazi, there should be nobody who is opposed to the idea of being against Nazis”. It isn’t like Wolfenstein is a new franchise either! Well, modern America has come to save the day again because there are a bunch of people who are pissed off about the subject matter of this game.

VICE News has published a highly interesting behind the scenes video where they interview the people behind the game and discuss some of the challenging scenes in this game that go over race and all of the other shitty things the Nazis stood for.

At the end of the day, this is a game and if people do not like the message it is pushing out there, then they do not have to buy it. It is still quite hard to believe that there has been any sort of opposition or worse than the people who oppose it have any sort of medium to make their voice heard on a larger scale.

This makes for quite an interesting piece. The opinions of those behind this game are quite strong and they are well aware of the bear that they were poking. I am sure this game was not so ironic when the idea was first conceived, but over the past few months of the Trump presidency, we are looking at a very different America.

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