Is Dying Light 2’s 500 Hour Length a Red Flag?

With the price of video games rising to 69.99 – 79.99, it is important for gamers to ensure they are getting value for money when they decide on their next purchase. With so many games on the market these days, deciding where to spend your money can be a rather challenging task.

Dying Light 2 is been building up a nice level of hype ahead of release. The official Twitter account has been drip-feeding us lots of information about the game. One of the most controversial tweets was a reveal that the game will take over 500 hours to fully complete.

“To fully complete Dying Light 2 Stay Human, you’ll need at least 500 hours—almost as long as it would take to walk from Warsaw to Madrid!”

Without putting much thought into it, surely a game that offers you over 500 hours of content is an absolute win. That is more than enough gameplay content to keep you busy for months. It is only when you start to think about it that you begin to wonder whether this is as good as it seems.

Enough of the Fluff

At this point, all we really have is speculation. Nobody outside of the circles of the development team knows what it is like to play this game fully. Perhaps this 500 hours of content will fly by because it is so much fun. The odds of this are rather slim though.

Open world games are nothing new. Ubisoft has been delivering a lot of fantastic games over the years that allow players to explore a range of interesting worlds. What we have all witnessed with games like this is that you have different tiers of content where the quality will diminish the further you go down.

Main quests will deliver the full story experience. Side quests will offer some shorter stories and tasks that can often be quite interesting. The map will then be filled out with what can only be described as fluff.

Fluff or filler content can range from collectible items, enemy camps to clear, special enemies to kill, puzzles to solve, or things to clear. These can come in many facades to make it seem like a different activity. Ultimately, the filler content is not something that you are going to spend 100s of hours enjoying if you have other games waiting to play.

500 Hours of Fun or 500 Hours of Grinding

Time will only tell whether obtaining 100% completion of Dying Light 2 will be an absolute blast or a massive chore. Things like this will always be subjective. From personal experience, It has been many, many years since I have had any interest going down the road of grinding my way through repetitive tasks and hunting down collectibles that reward you with nothing more than a trophy/achievement.

What we can assume, with some level of confidence based on trailers and screenshots is that Dying Light 2 is going to be a lot of fun! We will have to keep some eyes peeled on the build-up to February when we start to see some reviews begin to make their way into the ether.

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