Horizon Forbidden West Collectors Edition Unboxing

Forbidden west Collectors edition unboxing

Horizon Forbidden West is the first major game we have seen released on PS5 that was not a remaster of some kind. It generates quite a lot of buzz and thankfully for us all, it was not a disappointment. Horizon Forbidden west was absolutely amazing and has raised the bar for what we expect to see from the dev teams behind PlayStation Studios.

I have spent a lot of time talking about this game recently, it is time to take the focus out a bit, to the box, the rather large box of the Horizon Forbidden West Collectors Edition.

Unboxing the Collectors Edition of Forbidden West

Having spent some time playing Forbidden west in order to prepare the game review for launch, I was less excited about the game inside and more excited to get my hands on the tremortusk model.

I was unable to secure the more expensive collector’s edition that came with the war tremortesk. GameStop only received one and it was snapped up fast. None the less, I was still happy to unbox what is essential a very expensive robot elephant figure. But hey, let’s not be a negative Nancy about it and let’s get stuck into the unboxing!

Horizon forbidden west Collectors edition
The box is quite large and looks pretty good, dispite a few scuffs that it appears to have gotten in the store

The outer sleeve looks quite nice. Anything larger than a standard game box usually is. I didn’t want to waste too much time looking at this though, I wanna get to the meat inside!

Back of collector's edition box forbidden west
The back of the box gives a nice overview of what is inside. No focus replica for me unfortunately…
Inner box for collector's edition
The inner container is absolutely amazing. The artwork is crystal clear. I had not anticipated wanted to keep such a large item, so I am now caught with a large and bulky box that is too good looking to throw away.
Side of inner box
All sides of the inner box contain unique art pieces that all Marge together to create a cool scene.
Unboxing the tremortusk
Lifting the sleeve off the top of the box reveals a pretty imposing figure inside, even if it is obscured by the plastic.
Disassembled figure
The tremortusk comes mostly assembled with only the more elongated tuaks, that would likely break during transit requiring attachment. It does feel as though it’s legs do come off but I decided not to pull hard enough to test this theory. I’m sure the cat will knock I over one of these days though.
Assembled tremortusk
Once fully assembled, this guy is huge. You can see the comparison next to a PS5 controller and the smaller Aloy figure that comes with the forbidden west Collectors edition.
Aloy figure close up
Here’s a nice artsy pic of aloy up close with the tremortusk looming in the background. She doesn’t look exactly like her but at this size, it’s as good as you could really expect it to be.
Steel box and art book
In a nice little drawer, hidden below the tremortusk, there was a nice steel box that contained a download code for the game, no physical disk in this collector’s edition. It also has a nice hardback concept art book.
Inside the steel box
Strange the inside has space for the disc but no disc. Was there going to be a second disc along with the game? Or maybe it’s just a default design and was too much trouble to build without the insert. Who knows. The artwork is cool anyway.
Steel box exterior
Here is the exterior of the steel box. Also very attractive on both sides. Not sure what I’ll use it for.
Concept art book
The concept art book contains a lot of cool pics from the game. Settlements, machines, landmarks etc.
All forbidden west Collectors edition unboxing items
Here are all the bits that came with the collector’s edition. Minus the game codes of course!
Final location
The collector’s edition has taken pride of place on the game room shelf. I’m sure it will hold this position for quite some time…unless I get some awesome collections editions between now and then.

Forbidden West Collectors Edition Gallery of Additional Images

For those who are looking for more of this Horizon Forbidden West Collectors edition Unboxing, here is a gallery dump of all of the additional pictures that I took.

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